We offer Large Group Menus, Seated Meal Menu, Appetizer and Lunch/Dinner Buffets or a combination of styles for private events.

Our Large Group Menus are designed to make ordering off the menu easy and efficient for casual groups of 20 – 30 guests.

Seated Meal Menus are a personalized selection of 5 – 7 menu items from our Lunch + Dinner Menu.  These menu items will be presented to your guests on a customized menu and they may choose from there which item they’d like to enjoy.  Add an appetizer and dessert course to make it a multi-course meal. This menu is great for more formal events of 25+ guests.

Appetizer Buffets are priced per dish and are a perfect option to add for social gatherings.

Lunch/Dinner Buffets are priced per person and allow for guests to easily and efficiently enjoy a full meal. Also a great option for catering pick-up orders!


Gilroy's Party Menus 2021 (PDF)